Protein Crystallography and Drug Discovery Services

SARomics Biostructures provides a broad range of structural biology services to the biotech industry and academic groups. Our crystallography services include gene-to-structure (cloning, expression, purification, crystallization and structure determination), FastLane Premium and FastLane Standard structures as well as crystallization of protein-ligand complexes. In addition, we provide protein NMR spectroscopy services, fragment screening and fragment-based drug design based on proprietary weak affinity chromatography technology (WAC™).

SARomics Biostructures’ highly experienced and competent
team of crystallographers, modellers and molecular biologists, together with our strategic location in close vicinity to the MAX IV synchrotron, one of the world’s best synchrotrons, allow us to offer to our customers quick and efficient services at highly competitive prices.

FastLane Standard

FastLane Premium

Drug Discovery

Antibody:Antigen Complexes

Latest News & Events!

September 20

SARomics Biostructures joins an EU-funded project with focus on GPCR structure and drug design (press release).
November 6-8
Meet SARomics Biostructures at
Bio Europe, Berlin, Germany.
November 12-14
Meet SARomics Biostructures at the
25th Protein Structure Determination in Industry meeting, Cambridge, UK.

SARomics Biostructures participates in a number of H2020 funded projects, among which is BIOCASCADES, Virus-X, and SAFER. For project summary please visit our research projects page.

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