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What makes a successful CRO?

Looking back and analyzing our experience, the question we discuss here is, what makes a successful services company? What is our strength, and how to define our selling points? We arrive at a list of 8 essential selling points defining the success of SARomics Biostructures.

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Aqilion secures a strategic research alliance with Merck worth up to € 950 million

First-in-class TAK1 kinase inhibitors were designed in a hit-to-lead program run in close cooperation between three partners, SARomics Biostructures, Red Glead Discovery, and Aqilion. This was made possible by an integrated approach, a fast design-make-test-analyze cycle, and applying structure-based drug design, compound synthesis, and evaluation.

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Library Screening: Lead-like or Fragment Libraries?

We discuss screening in this third post on structural biology and structure-based drug design. Compound screening is central to all drug design strategies discussed earlier. The quality of the compounds we identify in this process will be crucial for the discovery project.

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The Dusquetide Saga – a Structural Blast From the Past!

A paper describing the interaction of the therapeutic peptide dusquetide with the ZZ domain of the autophagic receptor p62 is featured in Structure. A publication comes around 12 years after the structure solution; it is a pleasant surprise! 

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