EU funded research projects

Since the start of our very first EU-funded project with the acronym KINOMED, by now we have engaged in a number of other projects. The KINOMED project (2010-2013, funded by the Eurostars program) was focused on cloning, expression, purification and fragment screening of two kinases, PIM1 and CK2, and co-crystallization of the proteins with best fragments found during the screening. The project was relatively small and involved two other companies (IOTA Pharmaceuticals (UK) and Kinase Detect (Denmark).

The following project,
TAKTIC (TrAnslational Kinase Tumor Inhibitor discovery Consortium) involved a larger group of participants, which included ProQinase (Germany), Prestwick Chemical (France), Israel Structural Proteomics Centre at the Weizmann Institute of Science, two academic groups from the University of Turin - the Depts. of Science and Drug Technology and Medicine and Experimental Oncology, and finally the TechMedILL platform at the University of Strasbourg. The project was focused on the NF-κB signaling pathway and the design of novel inhibitors of NIK, a MAP3K- kinase responsible for the phosphorylation of IKKα homodimers within the so-called non-canonical NF-κB pathway (see for example the NF-κB inhibitors site). This project was finalized in 2015.

We also contributed to other EU-funded projects:

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