Protein Crystallography and Drug Discovery Services

SARomics Biostructures has more than 12 years of proven excellence within the field of contract protein crystallography and drug discovery services. We provides a broad range of structural biology and drug discovery outsourcing services to the biotech industry and academic groups. Our strategic location in close vicinity to the MAX IV synchrotron, one of the world’s best X-ray crystallography facilities, allows us to offer to our customers quick and efficient high quality and high resolution single-crystal X-ray diffraction data collection and structure determination at highly competitive prices.

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April 2019
Meet SARomics Biostructures at the 14th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry meeting in San Diego, Booth 213

November 2018

Meet SARomics Biostructures at
Bio-Europe, November 5–7, Bella Center Copenhagen, Denmark

October 2018
Meet SARomics Biostructures at Fragment-based Lead Discovery Conference 2018; San Diego, California, October 7th -10th

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