Premium Structural Biology & Lead Discrovery Services

SARomics Biostructures provides premium structural biology and structure-based drug discovery services to the biotech industry and academic institutions. We have many years of experience and proven excellence in protein production, biophysical characterization and crystallization, protein X-ray crystallography and BioNMR spectroscopy, fragment screening, and fragment-based lead generation.

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Structural Biology Services

Our protein X-ray crystallography services provide protein crystallization and X-ray structure determination, FastLane™ Premium and FastLane™ standard libraries of verified drug targets (off-the-shelf structures), protein production and custom gene-to-structure and protein-ligand complex X-ray structure determination.
We provide a broad range of custom NMR (BioNMR) spectroscopy services that include peptide, protein, protein-ligand & protein-protein complex NMR assignment and 3D structure determination, NMR fragment screening using 1D or 2D NMR, epitope mapping and dissociation constant (Kd) determinations for compounds.
Antibody and antibody-antigen complex crystallization and high resolution X-ray structure determination, BioNMR and crystallographic characterization of higher order structure (HOS) of biosimilars, comparison with originator antibody and formulation optimization, biophysical characterization of antibodies and biosimilars in solution.

Lead Discovery Services

Integrated lead discovery and structure-based drug design (SBDD) include fragment screening, hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization services, proprietary fragment library, and weak-affinity chromatography screening.
High throughput (2000-3000 cmpds/week), robust and accurate (validated against NMR and X-ray) fragment screening using weak-affinity chromatography (WAC™), which also includes binding assay and measurement of fragment affinity to immobilized protein - all in one experiment!
Protein optimization and structure-based design of biological drugs (biologics) and peptides using quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) methodology as implemented in our proprietary ProPHECY™ protein optimization software package.

State-of-the-art Structural Biology Technology Platform

Our technology platform is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for structural biology services, including protein production, robotic nanoliter-scale crystallization screening and optimization of conditions for crystal growth, and crystallization drop imaging. For X-ray crystallographic data collection, we use the MAX IV synchrotron radiation facility (image above), located a couple of kilometers from our labs in Lund. Alternatively, we send the crystals to other European synchrotrons. We collect X-ray data approximately every second week.

For NMR spectroscopy services, we have access to high-quality, cutting-edge instrumentation. We provide de novo NMR protein structure determination, protein-ligand/protein-protein complex NMR structure determination, small molecule fragment library screening, and much more…

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Maria Håkansson and Raymond Kimbung, protein crystallization facility  at SARomics Biostructures

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