Protein Crystallography and Drug Discovery Services

SARomics Biostructures provides premium protein crystallization, protein crystallography and structure-based drug design outsourcing services. Our strategic location in close vicinity to the MAX-lab synchrotron radiation facility in Lund, Sweden, provides us with instant access to beamlines, eliminating the need for crystal transportation to remote synchrotrons and allowing us to offer to our customers quick services at highly competitive prices.
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Structural Biology outsourcing: Crystal structure determination and NMR spectroscopy services
At SARomics Biostructures you will benefit from the expertise of a team of professionals with many years of solid industrial and academic experience and with complementary key expertise in all areas of structural biology and structure-based drug design, including protein crystallography and protein crystallization, NMR spectroscopy, computational chemistry and structure-based drug discovery. Our protein crystallography services platform includes robotics for high-throughput low

volume crystallization screening and rapid access to the protein crystallography beamlines at the MAX-lab synchrotron, which allows high quality synchrotron data to be collected from our clients' crystals within short time.

SARomics Biostructures currently coordinates and participates in 2 European projects. Please view details of these projects...