And the rearview mirror is telling me that we have been quite busy in 2019!

We are continuing our expansive phase - we added new team members, we have updated our company logotype, expanded our laboratory and office space, and what has become a tradition now, a new primary service offering, has been introduced - the Protein Shop! And all that is thanks to a continued inflow of new projects and customers.

Expansion needs a larger lab space, so we had to look around for new locales, which is not so easy when one considers that Medicon Village is very popular among small biotech companies in Lund. The dream we are planning for is to move together with Red Glead Discovery into a new building that is currently being constructed, and that should be ready in a couple of years. We have close collaboration with Red Glead, and although we are within a few minutes of each other, sharing lab and office space will take our partnership to a new level. It should be mentioned that last summer, with Red Glead, we acquired the commercial rights to the fragment screening technology Weak Affinity Chromatography (WAC™) from Transientic Interactions AB – this was a huge step towards strengthening our fragment screening capabilities.

To mark a new stage in the company's development, we also introduced a new graphical profile, including a new company logotype and a newly refurbished website.

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments at SARomics is the introduction of the Protein Shop. The need for recombinant protein services was evident since many of our customers often request some amount of the protein they initially wanted to be crystallized, and its structure determined. The introduction of this service has been discussed at the company for a while, but it took some time to get things organized and running! The protein catalog currently includes the following:

Recombinant human SMARCA2 (aa 1373-1493), tag freeRecombinant Human SMARCA4, (aa 1447-1569), tag freeRecombinant Human SMARCA4, (aa 1447-1569), His-tagged
Recombinant Human CLK3, (aa 275-632), tag free, dephosphorylatedRecombinant Human CD11b, (aa 143-337), His taggedRecombinant Human ATAD2B protein (aa 952-1086), Tag free
Recombinant Human CLK3, (aa 275-632), His-taggedRecombinant Human EPHA7, (aa 590-899), His taggedRecombinant Human GMPR2, (aa 10-341), His-tagged
Recombinant Human RORG, (aa 258-518), His-taggedRecombinant Human PIP4K2A, (aa 35-405), His-taggedRecombinant Human PTP1B, (aa 2-298), His-tagged
Recombinant Human RORG, (aa 258-518), Tag freeRecombinant Human STK10, (aa 18-317), His-taggedRecombinant Human STK10, (aa 18-317), Tag free

Our most popular crystallography services pipeline has also been upgraded with several protocols to ensure the efficient and quick handling of all new projects. The protocols cover all stages, from protein characterization, crystallization, X-ray data collection, and structure determination. We need to mention here that the development of these protocols and the Protein Shop was made mainly within the framework of the Virus-X project, which is supported by the Horizon 2020 EU program.

It is well known that the CRO market is in a state of constant expansion. Most small-to-medium-size biotech companies typically lack structural biology capabilities and often even biophysical competence since core competencies at these companies are generally focused on biochemistry and molecular and cell biology. The ever-expanding SARomics Biostructures’ technology platform is well-prepared to meet these needs by providing reliable structural information at the highest quality level.