A summary of most important new and events from 2006 to current date

A position for a research engineer is open for application, deadline for applications Feb. 5, 2017.

June 11-14
SARomics Biostructures at the
1st RSC Anglo-Nordic Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Copenhagen
Talk by Johan Evenäs, Red Glead Discovery and Björn Walse, SARomics Biostructures
"Fragment screening in lead discovery by Weak Affinity chromatography (WAC)"

July 30
7 new structures added to the Premium FastLane™ list of off-the-shelf structures:
STK10 kinase - LOK or Serine/threonine-protein kinase 10
EphA7 kinase - Ephrin type-A receptor 7
GMPR2 - GMP reductase 2
LSD1 - KDM1A or Lysine-specific histone demethylase 1A
ROR-gamma - Nuclear receptor ROR-gamma
Tubulin - Pig tubulin alpha-1A
CLK3 - Dual specificity protein kinase CLK3

August 2017
SARomics Biostructures is hiring Kenth Hallberg as VP of Sales

September 13-14
SARomics Biostructures CEO Björn Walse gives a talk at the 1st Swedish Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden.

September 12-14
SARomics Biostructures CEO Björn Walse gives a talk at Nordic Life Science Days, Malmö, Sweden.