Working with EU funded projects – Part 1: New opportunities for the biotechnology industry

Since our very first trip into the realm of EU projects with the KINOMED project, by now we have engaged in 7 different EU projects. The KINOMED project (2010-2013, funded by the Eurostars program) was focused on cloning, expression, purification and fragment-based screening of two kinases, PIM1 and CK2, followed by co-crystallization of the proteins with best fragments found during the screening. The second project was TAKTIC (Translational Kinase Tumour Inhibitor discovery Consortium). The…

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Coordinating TAKTIC (and surviving the first year)

A year has passed since the start of the TAKTIC project (Translational Kinase Tumour Inhibitor discovery Consortium). A year can be rather short, but it may also be long - all depends on how much you manage to squeeze into it. In my experience, having an EU project to coordinate makes it very long, at least when I look back. On the other hand, when it was time to prepare our first 9-month report, the feeling was that time was running faster and faster, mercilessly eating up the dark December…

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How to get a million – a story of an EU project

Similarly to any other happening, a project has its own story, which is often the result of many small coincidences and events.

The TAKTIC project, which we recently started, probably originates from a meeting (in Brussels) between Professor Anders Liljas, who at the time was Chairman of the Board of SARomics Biostructures, and Professor Joel Sussman, Director of the Israel Structural Proteomics Center (ISPC). That must have been in early 2010. Anders and Joel discussed possible collaboration…

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