Working with EU funded projects – Part 1: New opportunities for the biotechnology industry

Since our very first trip into the realm of EU projects with the KINOMED project, by now we have engaged in 7 different EU projects. The KINOMED project (2010-2013, funded by the Eurostars program) was focused on cloning, expression, purification and fragment-based screening of two kinases, PIM1 and CK2, followed by co-crystallization of the proteins with best fragments found during the screening. The second project was TAKTIC (Translational Kinase Tumour Inhibitor discovery Consortium). The…

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2018 and looking into the future

Our blog has been somewhat neglected recently, but that was for a good reason. SARomics Biostructures entered an expansive phase and things started to move so quickly that we simply did not have much time to write blog content. However, this is about to change. Keeping our communication channels open with present and future customers is essential for the company’s main goal, which was set by the Board and Management group. This goal can be described by a single word – expansion! And while…

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2014: Big science at a small company

The pleasant fact is that our activities cannot be summarised in a single blog entry any more! That is why we had to write two entries for 2014, this is the second one

In this part we wanted to bring up the exciting science at SARomics Biostructures.  Our experience has shown that running our own research and discovery projects both inside and outside the company is a prerequisite for the success of our CRO activity. While some of us are entirely focused on customers’ projects, on internal…

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